Welcome to the Chronicles of Poortown

The Empire of Nerath that made the Shining Sea the center of the civilized world has long since collapsed. The Northlands have clung to what vestige remains of the knowledge and power of the Empire, but they are but mere shadows to what came before. They are now islands of law separated by leagues of howling wilderness. These wilds contain great danger but also the buried wealth of empires long past.

Poortown is a monthly rotating GM campaign. It has gone through D&D 3.5, 4e and now Labyrinth Lord rulesets and 5 DM changes. We’re using the Labyrinth Lord rules to experience the immersion and simplicity of earlier D&D rules. In the spirit of sandbox play, the campaign world is only built out based on the player’s interaction with it. So don’t expect to find long-winded histories or backstories unless they come up in play.

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