Zubair and Imp die, Mirror explodes

Date at beginning of session: week 20, 5th day (spring) early evening

  • Markus stepped into the Mirror and disappeared. Only a few moments later, the mirror literally exploded, scattering a menagerie of monsters and people around the keep courtyard. Many of them immediately sprang to attacking each other, and many escaped. A gateway between the two worlds remained. Markus himself returned sans the cubical Beacon, but with a dog and some other items.
  • Zubair and his imp returned to attack/retrieve the cube. (can’t remember exactly what happened, but eventually:) Both were polymorphed into blue and red stones which were smashed. The gate way collapsed and it is believed the cube has been destroyed in the ‘mirror realm’. The spherical ‘beacon of the old ones’ survived , but not Zubairs’ staff or bowl where destroyed when he was ‘crushed’ as a rock.
  • Most of Zubair’s henchmen fled (incl. Ellis). 3 stayed, and were killed by either monsters or the party. The final one had his throat slit by the ‘Kosher Butcher’ immediately after being killed by a Wraith that had been ‘disbelieved’ out of existence.
  • Most of the other Mirror denziens (rats, giant rats, giant spiders, a ghoul, other humanoids, a giant toad) either fought each other or fled. The toad headed off toward the Jenar River.
  • Thunderstorms have repeatedly descended from the Mountains in the NorthWest upon the Keep and Blight – at least once a day. Perhaps it’s common for this time of year.
  • Fundo draconian came through the portal and asked for a status report on the progress. After not finding anyone from the original party, he has gone into town (New New Balania) to see if he can locate Ramahut. He wants the party to either meet their original obligation – remove the blight and maintain peace in the blight – so he can complete his railroad – or to return the black crystals.
  • 6th day was spent recuperating, Rho and Pi made a brief foray into Shiran’s lab.

Date after session: week 20, 7th day (spring)

Treasure: A spherical ‘beacon of the old ones’, and 4500 in assorted gemstones. From the Halfling: 10gp, and a flying broom.

XP for: zubair, imp, wraith, tentacles from above, halfling, cleric, fighter: 3300. 4510 from treasure. Total: 7810 xp. Exact xp (easier this way):

  • Calania: 1030
  • Kevin/Orleander 1203 (out for second fight)
  • Markus: 2945 (includes roleplay bonus)
  • Rho: 2140
  • Pi: 2042

KEEP: 16079 TEMPLE: 28900 UNIVERSITY: 11503

Ramahut’s Temple: 100,000 required. Must be completed by end of week 46.

New New Balania: mayor Onald. Polulation: 32 families. Has invited Lords to a swearing-in ceremony.

The kidnapping of Tina, Zubair reveals his intentions, Tentacles!

Date prior to session: week 20, 5th day (spring) mid-day

Upon return from the black tower, Parl ran to inform the Lords that Tiny Tina was missing, and a sealed letter was found in her office:

Dear Ramahut, Benn and other ‘Lords’ of the Blue Dragon Keep,

I know you possess the Beacon of the old ones. The corpse of Zhi was very forthcoming with information. Your ‘turtle shell’ was quite ingenious. But I have been unable to locate it in the Castle so I can only presume you have hidden it.

I have taken from you a minor functionary whom I hope will motivate you. The young lass named Tiny Tina is in my custody. She is unharmed and will remain so. I had hoped that simple direct queries would result in some honest discussion. Apparently this is not the case.

Upon your return from your latest sojourn, you have 2 hours to retrieve the cube. My representative Ellis will meet you in the courtyard at that time. Your military may not be present. Only yourselves. We are monitoring you do not feel as if you can trick or defeat me. This is a simple exchange. The cube for Tiny Tina’s life.

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the death of Tina as well as irreparable harm to both you and your little fiefdom. Consider your actions well.


Discussion on how to deal with the situation ensued. Calania noticed a large raven paying particular attention the party. Pi snuck up on it (a 01!) and stabbed it with her dagger. Unfortunately the dagger, although she hit it square and well, did not penetrate. The Raven flew to the other side of the courtyard and continued to observe.

Markus and Kevin retrieved the “trapping” mirror and set it up in an alcove with a fake cube carved from wood.

Ellis and gang arrived. Rho & Pi demanded to see Tina. She emerged from a curtain of invisibility in the courtyard, and was too cheerful and obviously ensorcelled. They convinced Ellis and two of his henchmen to come retrieve the cube.

The trap was sprung. One of the henchmen was trapped, Ellis and the other escaped. Ellis was knocked out with sleeping moss and the henchman killed. Ellis was dumped in the courtyard and it was announced that the “cube was lost”.

Zubair revealed himself floating on his carpet above the courtyard. He pulled out what appeared to be a spherical version of the beacon of the old ones and activated it. Speeding off to the North (towards Breadfruit elfland, as it turns out), and bringing his henchmen with him, he left the party to deal with the Tentacles from Above.

While Markus and Keven and Pi fought it off, and Calania trying to trap it in the Mirror (which failed for some unknown reason), Rho travelled through the crystal portal to elfland, trying to see Jenar and retrieve the cube. After a few rounds of negotiating with the elves, she saw him, retrieved the cube, and returned to the castle with it.

With some discussion, Markus, who has always wanted to be a Paladin, volunteered to take the cube out of our ‘realm’ by going into the Mirror with it. He did so. While everyone else contemplated this act of bravery, Zubair appeared in the north, descending again upon the castle.

Date after session: week 20, 5th day (spring) early evening

the “Tentacles from Above” was defeated. XP will calculated w/May 17th session.

Benn wolfs out, return to the black tower

Date beginning of session: week 20, 3rd day (spring)

Upon exiting Kresnaks’, the Full moon caused Benn to transform into a werewolf. As he transformed, Rho and Ramahut took turns trying to knock him out with the butt of Gonorrhea (oh how I hated typing that). Eventually successful, they tied him up. An hour was spent discussing how to deal with him, with the werewolf repeatedly waking up, straining against the ropes and being knocked out again. He eventually woke up enough to get out a summoning howl, upon which at least 2 beasts (Wolves? Werewolves? Something else?) bore down upon the party and forced their hand. They tossed WereBenn and his gear in a deserted room in Kresnak’s keep (level 0) and fled from the pursuers.

Returning to the BDK, they began inquiring as to how to remove the curses. Coincidentally, two letters arrived. One, for Arthen, led him to excuse himself from further adventuring. The second was from the Venerable Zegen of the Artemis church of Bahamut. He had offered to research the curse. He wrote:

  • He presumes all the curses end if Ariana’s life leaves her body.
  • According to texts, if Ariana falls in love and is wed to one who truly loves her, all curses will be lifted, and she becomes fully human.
  • His divine vision showed him that there is a book that exists that details the sigils, their general meanings, and how they can be removed. It can be found in a ruined black tower near a swamp, near a tree with roots encrusted with gems or crystals.
  • He has heard rumours of a Cyril the Curse-Eater, who claims to be able to remove any curse. He supposedly extracts a heavy toll.

After resting overnight, the party chose to return to the Tower of the Black dragon to see if they could find the book. The lower levels apparently had been infested with Kobolds at some prior point, who left a few traps. At one point, Pi scaled the outside of the tower, tied off a rope, and they descended down the tower.

They found 3 books, one being the books of sigils, some treasure, and fought some beasties. By level, a quick summary:
1: rats – scared away by fire.
2: arrow trap, spitting cobra.
3: door with poison needle (caught Pi), 2 potions of healing and 1 of animal control, and a Brain in a jar (Ubnex the Usurper of Golden lotus land). He negotiated the party to return him to GLL. Evil, but very polite.
4: door sealed by magic, ransacked library with hidden panel, containing: 275gp worth of gems, a statuette of “Prince Eric” carved from Amber, and 50gp.
5: 2 doors, both leading to portions of the same large room (a labouratory). Both entrances are guarded by Yellowish glass-like Tigers/Panther type automatons. “Speak the password or present the Talisman to enter.”
6: former lair of the black dragon. Several (3) giant spiders have taken residence at the high point of the roof. They did not interact with the party.

Date after session: week 20, 5th day (spring)

Treasure and XP acquired

5 ½ portions of xp: Calania(½) & Orleander, Markus, Ramahut, Rho, Pi. Those in bold are treasure collectants.

13 rats chased away with fire: 1300 xp x 25% = 325xp. 1 spitting cobra killed: 100xp. 20 xp for traps and to make the numbers nicer.

50gp, 275gp worth of gems, a statuette of “Prince Eric” carved from Amber, 2 potions of healing, 1 potion of animal control and 3 books were recovered. Total value: 325gp.

XP total: 770. 140 xp full portion. 147 @5%, 154 @10%.

Treasure. 10% towards keep, temple, and university, leaves equivalent of 45 gp per collectant.

next accounting / taxing / tithing: week 24.

Return to Kresnaks, Jangle Ebenfuss appears

Date prior to session: week 19, 6th day (spring)

A fast talking entrepeneur Halfling Jangle Ebenfuss requested and gained permission to set up a Tavern/Pub/Inn in Zogton serving Goblin Piss Ale. He will pay 30gp/month and supply 5 gallons of wine

The party returned to Kresnak’s for another whack at the dungeon. Met a slew of beasties but nothing of intelligence.

Arthen was struck with intense fear when near the river, presumably due to the curse. Calania seems to be burned by the touch of metal. Rho is surpressing her curse through the use of divine magic.

Upon exiting Kresnaks’, the Full moon cause Benn to transform into a werewolf.

Date at end of session: week 20, 3rd day (spring)

“6” portions of xp: Arthen & Quartz (½), Benn, Calania(½) & Orleander, Ramahut, Rho. Those in bold are treasure collectants.
2 fire beetles were avoided: (200 xp x 25% = 50xp). 4 subterranean locusts: (800xp). 14 Krah (cave crows) defeated: (1400 xp). 15 rats defeated (1500 xp): Total (w/GP): 4085. Full portion: 680xp. @5% = 714xp. @10% = 748.
5 gems were found for a total of 335gp. 10% to Keep/Temple/Univ, and split 5 ways gives 47 gp per collector.

Flog (Captain of the Guard) – (100gp/mo) – responsible for the defense of the Keep, Zogton, and New new Balania: our forces are weak at 36 light infantry and 12 medium mounted. I am in the process of bringing in more troops. Some are already deployed at New New Balania. I will continue to strengthen the garrison.

Tiny Tina (Delta of the University) – (0gp/mo). We have 11471 in funds. Ground has been broken on the university building.

Jeb (Reeve of Zogton) – (40gp / month) – encourage the development of the town and environs: Population: 70 families. 2 families have recently immigrated from the grendale region.

Parl (Castellan) – (100gp / month) – responsible for the Keep and the affairs of the Lords or the BDK: I am beginning construction of a vault to store the valuables. We have 16043 gp in funds. I am also going to ask Flog to recruit a small group (5 to 10 initially) specifically to guard it and the lords.

Jangle (Barkeep) – (0gp / month) – owner of the local Tavern: the people need something exciting to stimulate them. How about a gladiator arena (small to start, of course)?

Ramahut’s Temple: 28868 in funds towards 100,000 required. Must be completed by end of week 46.

New New Balania: mayor Onald. Polulation: 32 families. Has invited Lords to a swearing-in ceremony.

Dirt is delivered, Ariana curses the party

Date before: week 19 (spring)

The temple’s “deadline” is end of week 46 for completion.

Calania and her bodyguard joined us. Calania is a full party member (for now), and pays her bodyguard as a retainer out of her own pocket.

The party travelled through the crystals and by Train back to Artemis. They met with Paraden, the Patriarch of the church of Bahamut (in Artemis), and his aide Dadamut. He revived his daughter, Ariana with the dirt who turned out to be a half-succubus. She cursed him and everyone in the vicinity. With Rho’s quick thinking, she prevented the curse from being fully effective, but Arthen, Benn, Calania, and Rho still got cursed. They all received a temporary 2hp damage, and everyone has a brand upon their arm that grows with intensity by the hour. It was found that remove curse temporarily removes the affliction for about 12 hours, but not permanently.

Ramahut and Pi met with Zegen to receive their boon of a limb regeneration. After a series of questions which had Ramahut sweating bullets, they received their limbs back. Zegen implied that Ramahut’s limb was tied to his completion of a task. Presumably his temple.
Zegen also communed on the types of curses that were recieved but got no guidance. If he learns anything he will send word.

Benn petitioned Dadamut for the renunciation of claim by the church upon the Blight. Dadamut had to confer with Paraden, but promised to send it once he had recovered his wits.
The party returned to the keep and then immediately headed to Kresnak’s – looking to kick some doors in and take a few names. They encountered 4 black widow spiders and survived only to through the ingenious use of a polymorph wand and a very large cure-all berry.

Travel, and adventuring, occupied 5 days of the week, making this the 6th day of the 19th week.

Date now: week 19, 6th day (spring)

Treasure and XP acquired last session

“8” portions of xp: Arthen, Benn, Calania, Markus, Pi, Ramahut, Rho, Bodyguard (½) and Quartz (½).
4 giant blackwidow spiders, 300 xp apiece, 1200 xp total.
400 gp golden lectern adornment acquired by Benn and Markus.
1600 xp / 8 = 200 xp per person (full share). Add in your xp bonus age.
The Keep / Temple / University each receive 10
, or 40gp apiece. The remains, divided 7 ways, are also 40gp worth.

Pregame business…

Markus acquired plate armour in Artemis.
Accounting (collections of taxes, payment of salary, collections of tithes) occurs end of week 20.
Calendar of Poortown: months are informal affairs, with weeks and seasons being the focus. Weeks 1-13 are Winter, 14-26 are Spring, 27-39 are Summer, and 40-52 are fall. This is a lunar cycle, with the new moon always occuring the first day of every fourth week (weeks 2, 6, 10), and of course the full moon occuring 2 weeks later (weeks 4, 8, 12, …).


Flog (Captain of the Guard) – (100gp/mo) – responsible for the defense of the Keep, Zogton, and New new Balania: I have recruited 27 more light infantry for the defense of the keep, bringing our total to 36 and will be returning to Artemis for hopefully 6 Medium mounted. 12 of them I will be posting immediately to NNB, and 2 of the Medium mounted, bringing our monthly cost for troops to (36×3 + 6×15)=198gp. Considering the pasting 20 orcs gave us I consider it imperitive we garrison this castle well. I’d will be doubling the amount we spend on defenses. I think some bowmen and dwarven heavy infantry would be useful.

Tiny Tina (Delta of the University) – (0gp/mo). We have collected 11438 in funds towards construction of a permanent small university in the courtyard, and continued operations. I have suggested the establishment of two schools to the Reeve. One for children, and one for adults wishing to learn reading, writing, reasoning, as is the Alexadrian way. Both have already been underway informally and we have small classes. They will be held at the University and the Reeve will help cover costs. Fern will teach them both and collect a small stipend as pay (5gp/month). Our guest lecturing continues although the previous two were poorly attended due to my stint as Castellan requiring my full attention.

Jeb (Reeve of Zogton) – (40gp / month) – encourage the development of the town and environs: Population: 68 families. Tina has suggested the immediate establishment of two schools. I will be giving them 10gp/month for supplies and teachers. I also want to immediately begin construction on a partially covered warehouse to contain rebuilding supplies and act as a marketplace when reconstruction tapers off. I estimate this to cost 200gp. I would also like to put out a call for settlers in the region (pending approval from the Lords) to grow our population base.

Parl (Castellan) – (100gp / month) – responsible for the Keep and the affairs of the Lords or the BDK. The keep is in bad disrepair from the zombies and assorted events, and will need about 450gp worth of repairs to the battlements. I also want to begin excavation of a “vault” to store the valuables. We have 16877 gp in funds.

Ramahut’s Temple: 28736 in funds towards 100,000 required. Must be completed by end of week 46.
Dr. Almy Toothache has attracted 5 immediate converts, at a cost of 151gp to the church (not yet deducted).
Followers: 25, including the recent converts due to the dentist.

5 years of Poortown

5 years of Poortown

A week “passed” while the below occured.

Zubair, and old aquaintance of the group, visited and asked about the cube. Little information was offered, aside from some of your more recent adventures. He was invited to stay and visited with Tiny Tina whilst the group was Orcing.

A large group of orcs were spotted by a patrol. They were trying to reach the castle to obtain recompense for the destruction of their village by zombies. They were lured in then butchered like pigs by both the party and castle mercenaries, although they eliminated 9 of the remaining 15 mercenaries.

You met 4 applicants for the Castellan position: Jeb of the BDK infantry, Godefreyd (Brother of Belkas), Flog (of New new Balania), and Parl (former majordomo for Bluegrass Manor, south of Artemis). As it turns out you chose to split the Castellan position 3 ways:

  • Parl as the Castellan, responsible for the Keep and the affairs of her Lords. Tiny Tina will return to her position as president of the University.
  • Flog as Captain of the Guard, responsible for the defense of the Keep, Zogton, and New new Balania.
  • Jeb as Reeve of Zogton, to encourage the development of the town and environs.
    Godefreyd was not accepted for any position, and was sent packing. He left muttering something about burying his brother without your ungrateful help.

The Mayor of New New Balania presented himself: Onald. Is concerned about NNB being protected and pay taxes for absentee landlords. Has invited the Lords to a swearing-in ceremony in one weeks time in NNB.

Rho’s Raven returned from Alexandria. Research indicated that the dirt of Molygon could be used to revive a corpse or perhaps two, or for minor healing / regeneration.

Treasure and XP acquired last session

20 orcs were mercilessly slaughtered for 2000 xp. 400 xp per participant + bonus%.
3600 gp worth of gems and jewelry were found on the orcs.
That’s 720xp per person from the gold (+ bonus%)
at 10% each, the keep, the university and the temple each get 360gp.
splitting the rest, you each get 420gp (Markus too).

Bookkeeping and Keepkeeping…
the keep: 16837 the temple: 28696 the university: 11398

Benn returns, Jenar leaves, and Ellis returns

Cast of Characters (alphabetical)

  • Arthen & Quartz / Basil
  • Benn / Rob
  • Markus / Sandy
  • Pi / Patricia
  • Ramahut / Paul
  • Rho / Kasia
  • Labyrinth Lord / Morry

Events in the Blight

  • Jenar left to become head consul at a newly formed elven council in breadfruitland. Benn Harding leaves his position as castellan to rejoin the company.
  • Tiny Tina has temporarily accepted the role of Castellan and will begin the arduous task of restaffing the keep and communicating with Artemis. Markus was busy as her admin assistant and was unable to adventure with the group.
  • Magic items were dispersed. Benn borrowed Jenar’s shield +1. Arthen took the ring (of Fire Resistance), and tasted the potion (White Dragon control). Markus was given the magic sword. List now stands at: Ramahut, Pi, Rho, Benn, Arthen and Markus.
  • New new neuvo Balania was officially renamed Zogton. Tina has asked the New New Balanians (abandoned city Balanians) to appoint a mayor.
  • The mirror was tested and ‘absorbed’ a rat held by Rho. It is kept covered by a cloth.
  • The party returned to the Black Dragon tower. Within minutes of arriving, a vigilant Ramahut spotted 3 men (2 dwarfs, 1 man) flying from the Tower on a flying carpet. They summoned their leader, who turned out to be Ellis, the elf who abandoned the party in fear at the Blue Dragon lair. He is badly burned and blames the party for abandoning him to die. However for some reason he did not attack but queried the party about the transdimensional cube. Everyone feigned ignorance and he left them with a coin with which to contact him by. The party completed carving the carcass and the final tally (including existing 6) was 20 m2 of black dragon hide.
  • An offer was made of 100gp worth of material to restablish in Zogton – 68 Balanians accepted, reducing the ‘Raxtash reward’ to 3200gp.
  • A petition was put forth in Artemis for a Dentist to come. Anyone joining (and presumably, regularly tithing to) the Temple will be offered free Dental care (Church will pay). A dentist will accept, by the name of Dr. Almy Toothache.
  • A petition was put forth in Artemis for Mages to join the party with a preference of those with the ability to identify magic items.
  • Communication: Ravens take 5 days to Alexandria, 5 back. Mail – has to go via Artemis, has a 2 week travel time one-way.
  • The party returned to the Blue Dragon lair and found that the crystal teleporter pad had been covered by a hand-sewn tarp. The chamber had caved in, sealing the previous exits but two more have appeared. The dragon tail remains, but the rest of the carcass was dragged off through the east exit. The party did not explore further.
  • The dirt was tested. It has minor healing properties, and can restore small animals to life. It cannot regenerate limbs, although it leaves them silky soft and smelling slightly of lilacs. When used, the small multihued crystals in the soil fade and go black.

Treasure and XP acquired

nada zero zilch zippo.

The accounting problem regarding Raxtash’s gold was resolved by “deallocating” it, spending the 8600 on Zogton revitilization, and spreading the remainder amongst the 3. The temple also received a large donation from Ramahut. Current accounts:

the keep: 16477 the temple: 28336 the university: 11038

Whose driving that airship?

Cast of Characters (alphabetical)

  • Arthen & Quartz / Basil
  • Benn / Rob
  • Markus / Sandy
  • Pi / Patricia
  • Ramahut / Paul
  • Rho / Kasia
  • Labyrinth Lord / Morry

in the blight…

  • Arthen’s dog ate some goblin food and was violently sick, so Arthen dogsat.
  • Rho and Markus arrive from Alexandria via a 2 person airship. Land near the half-shell tardis.
  • You discover the cube powering the tardis is like a trans-dimensional beacon for Cthulhu. The Alexandrians have a Y-shaped detector and that is what brought Rho/Markus to this location.
  • Jenar volunteers to unravel the cube (at 100m distant from the ship). Is granted a limited wish. The detector shuts down.
  • You travel to breadfruit elfland and rest up. They give us 3 potions.
  • You return to the tower, invisible and silent. When you get near enough to the dragon, we power-word stun it via the limited wish.
  • It falls and sustains massive damage. You land, carve up the corpse.
  • With the help of a tarp, and a dig-grave spell, you quickly acquire the special dirt (laced with small crystals which imbed themselves into the roots of the tree).
  • You fly up to the tower, and loot the place of much treasure.

Treasure and XP acquired

  • 40,000 gp
  • 15,470 gp in (80) gems, 32,270 gp in (60) jewelry
  • Scroll: Treasure Map
  • 4 foot Mirror (possibly cursed?)
  • Magic Dwarven-crafted Sword
  • Magic Ring – embedded red stone with flames visible.
  • a Potion – Nearly clear, with a syrupy consistency, with whisps of white.
  • Magic Scroll with one spell on it.
  • XP obtained: BASE 18446
Oh dear...
Madness. Pure madness.

There isn’t any way that a written narrative could do justice to this session. Instead here are some notes from Xi’s scribblings:

“Flame on!…..It buuuuuuuuurns!
Cave piranhas
Higgs-Boson particles
“Dinosaurs had feathers?!?!?!?!”
“Does that mean that T-Rex could fly?”
5 sigma
Field theory
“Let’s name the piranhas.”
“Do I get XP for killing the piranhas?”
“I stab the piranhas. How many do I kill?”
“You know how to wield gonorrhoea.”
“It buuuuuuuuurns!!!!”
Disease of the month
“You’ve been Poopydocced.”
The Library Monkey
“I retrieve the sausage.”
“I have a lot of upper body strength.”
“I’m not using a super-soaker.”
APFSDS rounds.

Oh yeah – there was a game in there somewhere as well…

In which our heroes ask directions

Attending: Arthen, Pi, Xi, Jenar, Ramahut, Dave (NPC).

Having decided to sleep the night in a tomb on the 2nd level, the party is rudely awaked Ramahut when he is scared by some Cave Crickets.

Following a southern route, they come upon a stone bridge over a river the pours out a cliff face and gives them their first view of sunlight and a way out!

After checking things out with Benard-on-a-stick, Xi is lowered down the waterfall face. He promptly looses his balance and smack hard against the cliff. Meanwhile, no one is looking up… a group of three giant geckos sneak up on our party. Dave promptly has his head ripped off and Pi fights valiantly but falls. Arthen grabs him and leaps off the falls, turning the cushion the blow as he hits the lake below where Xi is swimming to recover the packs.

Jenar and Ramahut drive off the remaining geckos and leap off the waterfall themselves.

Pi turns out to still be alive, but one foot is too badly mangled and must be amputated. Back at the keep, they have a blacksmith fashion a spring leg for Pi, who vows to find someone who can regenerate the lost foot.

Monsters killed: (? 1 orc, 2 beserkers, 3 centipedes, 3 geckos?)(100, 100, 300, 100, 300, 1200) = 2,100 XP
Treasure: ? 70, 50, 500, 100, 750, 1000, 2840 ? = 5,310 gp

Total XP: 7,410 xp ( 1482 xp each, 1556 @ 5%, 1630 @ 10%)

Heading back to Kresnak’s, Jenar points out that according to the maps they have, the white damsel should be on the first level of the keep. They end up to the surface keep and with little effort find the stairs down.

Descending, they try the north door and the corridor beyond, and quickly find themselves trapped in a net, surrounded by goblins. After negotiation on Arthen’s part and a generous offer of a fur cloak, Boneclaw allows them safe passage and assigns young Muck-muck to guide them to the White Damsel.

A quick jaunt through several rooms and passageways gets them to a 30′ × 30′ room of white marble, in the center is a pool of clear water with slivery fish darting about. In the center of the pool on a pillar going as deep as they can see is a white marble statue of a young lady. She is holding an earthen jug out of which a stream of water flows.


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