Benn returns, Jenar leaves, and Ellis returns

Cast of Characters (alphabetical)

  • Arthen & Quartz / Basil
  • Benn / Rob
  • Markus / Sandy
  • Pi / Patricia
  • Ramahut / Paul
  • Rho / Kasia
  • Labyrinth Lord / Morry

Events in the Blight

  • Jenar left to become head consul at a newly formed elven council in breadfruitland. Benn Harding leaves his position as castellan to rejoin the company.
  • Tiny Tina has temporarily accepted the role of Castellan and will begin the arduous task of restaffing the keep and communicating with Artemis. Markus was busy as her admin assistant and was unable to adventure with the group.
  • Magic items were dispersed. Benn borrowed Jenar’s shield +1. Arthen took the ring (of Fire Resistance), and tasted the potion (White Dragon control). Markus was given the magic sword. List now stands at: Ramahut, Pi, Rho, Benn, Arthen and Markus.
  • New new neuvo Balania was officially renamed Zogton. Tina has asked the New New Balanians (abandoned city Balanians) to appoint a mayor.
  • The mirror was tested and ‘absorbed’ a rat held by Rho. It is kept covered by a cloth.
  • The party returned to the Black Dragon tower. Within minutes of arriving, a vigilant Ramahut spotted 3 men (2 dwarfs, 1 man) flying from the Tower on a flying carpet. They summoned their leader, who turned out to be Ellis, the elf who abandoned the party in fear at the Blue Dragon lair. He is badly burned and blames the party for abandoning him to die. However for some reason he did not attack but queried the party about the transdimensional cube. Everyone feigned ignorance and he left them with a coin with which to contact him by. The party completed carving the carcass and the final tally (including existing 6) was 20 m2 of black dragon hide.
  • An offer was made of 100gp worth of material to restablish in Zogton – 68 Balanians accepted, reducing the ‘Raxtash reward’ to 3200gp.
  • A petition was put forth in Artemis for a Dentist to come. Anyone joining (and presumably, regularly tithing to) the Temple will be offered free Dental care (Church will pay). A dentist will accept, by the name of Dr. Almy Toothache.
  • A petition was put forth in Artemis for Mages to join the party with a preference of those with the ability to identify magic items.
  • Communication: Ravens take 5 days to Alexandria, 5 back. Mail – has to go via Artemis, has a 2 week travel time one-way.
  • The party returned to the Blue Dragon lair and found that the crystal teleporter pad had been covered by a hand-sewn tarp. The chamber had caved in, sealing the previous exits but two more have appeared. The dragon tail remains, but the rest of the carcass was dragged off through the east exit. The party did not explore further.
  • The dirt was tested. It has minor healing properties, and can restore small animals to life. It cannot regenerate limbs, although it leaves them silky soft and smelling slightly of lilacs. When used, the small multihued crystals in the soil fade and go black.

Treasure and XP acquired

nada zero zilch zippo.

The accounting problem regarding Raxtash’s gold was resolved by “deallocating” it, spending the 8600 on Zogton revitilization, and spreading the remainder amongst the 3. The temple also received a large donation from Ramahut. Current accounts:

the keep: 16477 the temple: 28336 the university: 11038


Harbinger feyrath

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