In which our heroes ask directions

Attending: Arthen, Pi, Xi, Jenar, Ramahut, Dave (NPC).

Having decided to sleep the night in a tomb on the 2nd level, the party is rudely awaked Ramahut when he is scared by some Cave Crickets.

Following a southern route, they come upon a stone bridge over a river the pours out a cliff face and gives them their first view of sunlight and a way out!

After checking things out with Benard-on-a-stick, Xi is lowered down the waterfall face. He promptly looses his balance and smack hard against the cliff. Meanwhile, no one is looking up… a group of three giant geckos sneak up on our party. Dave promptly has his head ripped off and Pi fights valiantly but falls. Arthen grabs him and leaps off the falls, turning the cushion the blow as he hits the lake below where Xi is swimming to recover the packs.

Jenar and Ramahut drive off the remaining geckos and leap off the waterfall themselves.

Pi turns out to still be alive, but one foot is too badly mangled and must be amputated. Back at the keep, they have a blacksmith fashion a spring leg for Pi, who vows to find someone who can regenerate the lost foot.

Monsters killed: (? 1 orc, 2 beserkers, 3 centipedes, 3 geckos?)(100, 100, 300, 100, 300, 1200) = 2,100 XP
Treasure: ? 70, 50, 500, 100, 750, 1000, 2840 ? = 5,310 gp

Total XP: 7,410 xp ( 1482 xp each, 1556 @ 5%, 1630 @ 10%)

Heading back to Kresnak’s, Jenar points out that according to the maps they have, the white damsel should be on the first level of the keep. They end up to the surface keep and with little effort find the stairs down.

Descending, they try the north door and the corridor beyond, and quickly find themselves trapped in a net, surrounded by goblins. After negotiation on Arthen’s part and a generous offer of a fur cloak, Boneclaw allows them safe passage and assigns young Muck-muck to guide them to the White Damsel.

A quick jaunt through several rooms and passageways gets them to a 30′ × 30′ room of white marble, in the center is a pool of clear water with slivery fish darting about. In the center of the pool on a pillar going as deep as they can see is a white marble statue of a young lady. She is holding an earthen jug out of which a stream of water flows.


Harbinger Harbinger

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