Welcome Master!

In which Ramahut once again gets the party into a pickle

While Raxtash is off killing Zombies, the stalwart party decides to do what they Ramahut promised and get all the gold in Kresnak’s dungeon. And possibly pick up a rather important arrow:

Arrow of Demon Slaying that he always kept close at hand in his lab when working on portal research. It is described as a finely crafted arrow with a silver tip, a white spruce shaft, and feathered with the feathers of a Succubus. It can be used but once and if it hits its target, the target is slain in the material plane, or gravely wounded if on their home plane.

Along the way they defeat (with varying degrees of apprehension) the albino 4 armed apes (grillons?) and stumble into a room “decorated” with a very large lodestone. while trying to avoid being pulled into the magnetic field and stuck to it and forcing the far door, they are surprised by 9 orcs.

Treasure obtained:
blue Quartz 70 gp, Chrysopraised 50 gp, Amber w/dragonfly 500gp, Moonstone 100gp, white opal (cat skull) 750 gp, bejeweled dagger prised from the lodestone: 1000gp.


Harbinger feyrath

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