Whose driving that airship?

Cast of Characters (alphabetical)

  • Arthen & Quartz / Basil
  • Benn / Rob
  • Markus / Sandy
  • Pi / Patricia
  • Ramahut / Paul
  • Rho / Kasia
  • Labyrinth Lord / Morry

in the blight…

  • Arthen’s dog ate some goblin food and was violently sick, so Arthen dogsat.
  • Rho and Markus arrive from Alexandria via a 2 person airship. Land near the half-shell tardis.
  • You discover the cube powering the tardis is like a trans-dimensional beacon for Cthulhu. The Alexandrians have a Y-shaped detector and that is what brought Rho/Markus to this location.
  • Jenar volunteers to unravel the cube (at 100m distant from the ship). Is granted a limited wish. The detector shuts down.
  • You travel to breadfruit elfland and rest up. They give us 3 potions.
  • You return to the tower, invisible and silent. When you get near enough to the dragon, we power-word stun it via the limited wish.
  • It falls and sustains massive damage. You land, carve up the corpse.
  • With the help of a tarp, and a dig-grave spell, you quickly acquire the special dirt (laced with small crystals which imbed themselves into the roots of the tree).
  • You fly up to the tower, and loot the place of much treasure.

Treasure and XP acquired

  • 40,000 gp
  • 15,470 gp in (80) gems, 32,270 gp in (60) jewelry
  • Scroll: Treasure Map
  • 4 foot Mirror (possibly cursed?)
  • Magic Dwarven-crafted Sword
  • Magic Ring – embedded red stone with flames visible.
  • a Potion – Nearly clear, with a syrupy consistency, with whisps of white.
  • Magic Scroll with one spell on it.
  • XP obtained: BASE 18446


Harbinger feyrath

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