Crystals of Transdimensional Superimposition

When planted, grows into one node in a Transportation Nexus


These 8" large black stone crystals were a gift from Kresnak the Foreign to the Overlord of the Empire of the Golden Lotus to honour the 100th anniversary of its founding. Each crystal is attuned to a location on a ley line in the Westlands and when planted at that location creates a transportation nexus with the other planted crystals. It grows rapidly to a large 10’ high structure with 10 sigil posts, each corresponding to a crystal. Without the matching crystal touching a post permits one person to transport to the resonant end until they remove their hand at which point they return to their originating location. With the matching crystal in place, then everyone standing on the nexus will be transported, approximately 50 human-sized figures.

The Transportation Nexus permitted the Empire’s forces to travel rapidly across the newly conquered lands. It is unclear what became of the Transportation Nexus as the Empire abandoned the Westlands to the spreading Blight only 10 years later.

Now one hundred years later the crystals have come into the possession of Fundo Draconian, who is using it to help turn back the blight affliction to build his railway from Artermis to the City State of the Overlord.

Identified locations and their cardinal direction from the Keep on the Teeth. Crossed out indicates the crystal has been planted.

1. Forbidden land – West. Artemis
2. Big Tree in a forest. South East
3. Ruined City Square. Slightly north of East. City of Uzzuk.
4. Shanty Town (Human) with Slaves. East.
5. Underwater. East. Fish men shrine.
6. Sinister Tower in a swamp. South of East.
7. Wasteland near sheer cliff & cave; explosions of gouts of flame. North East. Blue Dragon.
8. Huge Wall with Massive Gates. Banners are similar to that of the Keep. North of East.
9. Bank of River flowing north east. North East. Breadfruit Trees.
10. Huge building with massive pillars. Bottom of stairs with 6’ steps and smaller normal stairs along side it. South East
11. Keep on the Teeth.

Crystals of Transdimensional Superimposition

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