Marvelo's Playhouse Cancelled

Sunday, 16th of Plantin, Twilight

Ramahut, Olin, Lincoln, Zog, Eglath, Greebal

Coming out the other end, they find themselves on a smoky balcony with two flaming barrels of oil, and overlooking Baphomet’s temple. Below is an injured Marvelo, someone they take to be Thaphomet, some human priests a few hobgoblins. Zog immediately leaps over the balcony, with the rest quickly following. As Thaphomet rises and turns towards them, Ramahut is shocked to realize it is his brother Thane. Thaphomet is scorneful of Bane, stating that he is a weak God and Baphomet has shown him the true path to power. He is no longer Thane of Bane – he is now Thaphomet of Baphomet. He mocks Ramahut for still shilling for Bahamut and says that “Mother is very disappointed with you.”

Battle is joined! Our heroes find themselves facing Marvelo, Thaphomet, two Human Mages, four Hobgoblins and a Magma Beast in the fire pit.

Marvelo pulls out a small bag and slings it at Ramahut – he doges, but is just not quite fast enough and the bag explodes in a stick goo that pins him to the spot. Everyone else scatters to attack their chosen targets – scattering to the four winds.

Eglath quickly finds himself surrounded by the hobgoblins, but shows his might as a Warden and dispatches even more effectively than Pharphan would have.

Olin and Zog charge ahead and are quickly engaged by Thaphomet as Marvelo smears poison on his blade and looks for an opening.

Lincoln moves to get a clear line of sight and begins a long slog of taking down the Magma Beast.

From the far entrance through the smoke, Greebal appears – with Inritus’ handkerchief tied around his arm – and four hobgoblins in hot pursuit.

After taking a few heavy blows, the already injured Marvelo bolts behind a curtain and disappears.

Things are looking dicey until the last of the hobgoblins are taken down. While Lincoln and the Magma Beast continue to fire ranged attacks at each other, Zog, Ramahut and Greebal start working on Thaphomet and the mages. While they put up a good fight, they are ultimately doomed. Ramahut shows no remorse and he kills his brother.

Olin and Eglath take off in pursuit of Marvelo and find a room behind the curtain and a secret door with stairs that lead under Neverand Lanch – they take off in pursuit.

After finishing off the last resistance, Zog goes looking for loot and finds a chest packed full of gold and gems in Marvelo’s room. He immediately picks it up and begins carrying it around.

Heading down the stairs, they meet up with Eglath and Olin who are resting at room with two other exits. After a short rest to catch their breath, they find a trail of blood heading down the left passage. Following the trail they find it ends at a pair of brass doors. While debating how to open the door, Zog begins smashing it unsuccessfully, until Eglaths suggests just trying to see if its locked – which it’s not.

Upon opening the doors, they a met with a strange sight. There is a brightly lit room with Marvelo sitting at one end on a throne, and his playroom around him; complete with a miniature castle, mushroom garden, ‘pillow lounging’ area, and a pony.

… Oh and also a torture rack, several people manacled to the wall and an iron maiden. Along with four Dire Wolves and a big looking Hobgoblin.

Marvelo throws one of his sticky balls again – and once again Ramahut just missed dodging out of the way. Our heroes struggle against the wolves but once they finally get one down, everything else falls pretty quickly and Marvelo is finally finished.

They find a ton of loot in a sandbox in the middle of the mini castle and strip Marvelo of his boots and tongue.

Among the freed prisoners is Luusi, the Poortown wise-woman, Dracks, a friend of Greebal’s from their village, and in the iron maiden is non other then Benn. Obviously the slave revolt didn’t go too well…

End Time: Sunday, 16th of Plantin, twilight


XP Awards:
Thaphomet – 1525 XP
Marvelo’s Playpen –1550 XP
Quest: Ending the Slaver Threat – 900 XP
Quest: Free the Poortown wise-woman Luusi – 300 XP

Total: 4275 XP
Per Player (6): 713 XP

Player Total: 3237 + 713 XP = 3950 XP

Neverland Burns!
In which Zog demonstrates his love of fire

Sunday, 16th of Plantin, early evening

Ramahut, Olin, Lincoln, Zog, Eglath

Having dispatched the gladiator jailers and Marvelo’s guard, the adventurers return to the jail cells to find one of the freed prisoners rummaging through the gear pile, looking for his confiscated items. He is Eglath, an imposing Goliath who found himself imprisoned by Marvelo’s forces. After a short introduction, he is more than willing to throw his lot in with the other’s quest to kill Marvelo.

Greebal expresses concern for Inritus and Vithys and insists that he go back into the arena to see if he can find what’s happened to them.

The others decide it is best to strike while the iron is hot, so they proceed deeper into Marvelo’s stronghold going up the stairs that Marvelo’s guard had come down.

They come onto a landing overlooking a ground-floor garden with raised walkways above a golden statue of Marvelo. They go looking for trouble and find it immediately around the corner in the form of a Hobgoblin patrol. A quick melee ensues and they learn that Hobgoblin Warcasters should be dealt with quickly as his force pulse pushes Lincoln off the walkway – luckily Lincoln is quick on his feet and takes very little damage. Eglath hits the warcaster with a ton of bricks (literally) to keep him out of the fight. Ramahut gets grabbed by a Bugbear Strangler and is thankful that he’s wearing plate when he finds himself a human shield against Lincoln’s double-arrow rapid-fire attack. No one can hold Ramahut for long however as he smashes his shield into the bugbear’s face and breaks the grab with a shift. The enemies go down quickly and Lincoln cripples the last enemies to keep one alive for questioning.

The Hobgoblin Commander hesitates to cooperate for a moment, and Zog promptly cuts off his right hand. This produces immediate results – Marvelo can be found in Baphomet’s temple with Thaphomet.

Ramahut takes his trophy tongue.

Lincoln suggests they take the time to see what’s behind some of the doors they see nearby, to which Zog agrees. The first door proves to stubbornly resist the strongest warriors’ attempts to bash it down. With a single well placed kick, Lincoln them how it’s done.
They find themselves in Kaval’s quarters – a cursory search reveals a set of research papers detailing the Ritual for Nature’s Avatar that Kaval is performing in Yenol. There are also two symbols on the wall – the bloody maze of the Beast, and a stylized Man’s head – the same symbol they found on slavers in the Ironscale Mine. They find a Scroll of Hand of Fate and some sanctified incense. This doesn’t seem to be enough for Zog, who takes his axe to the furniture and reduces it to kindling. He promptly spreads lamp oil around the room and sets it alight.

Moving onto another door, this one they notice is barred from the outside. Expecting trouble they open the door and are stuck by the stench of rotting flesh. Olin strikes a sunrod and reveals three Carnage Demons sitting in a pool of muck enjoying a hobgoblin corpse and Lincoln spots a Harpy clinging to the rafters. The enemies don’t really stand a chance as they quickly take down the Harpy before she can sing her song and then pummel the demons until they drop.

Rooting around in the muck, they uncover a red Power Jewel.

Ramahut takes his trophy tongue from the Harpy.

Coming back into the stair landing, thick black smoke now is filling the floor. They decide to cross the garden by using the overhead walkway. On the way across, Eglath spots a rare Red Hyacinth and insists they stop to recover it before it is consumed in the fire. Lincoln repeats his jumping feat and recovers the delicate flower with its roots and earth intact. Zog takes to opportunity to chop off the statue’s arm and is disappointed to find it is only gold leaf. He takes the head anyway – to deliver to Marvelo.

On the walkway, they look across a courtyard to the entrance to the keep and see the guards looking away at some commotion. They can hear distant sounds of fighting and columns of smoke rising from Poortown.

Now across the garden, they examine the two closes rooms. One is a store room with food and supplies, the other a guards barracks. Zog promptly begins smashing footlockers open and seems disappointed to find only 200 sp. Finding barrels of oil in the store room, he punches a whole in them an rolls them down the now very smoky corridor. There is a ‘whoosh’ then a line of flames rushes back along the oil trail.

They seem to have cut off any possibility of advancing toward Marvelo… until they realize that the wood walls in the rooms are weak enough that they can make their own doors. Eglath proceeds to smash through a succession of rooms while Ramahut creates urine rags (much of everyone else’s disgust) to prevent smoke for coming under the doors.

Coming out the other end, they find themselves on a smoky balcony with two flaming barrels of oil, and overlooking Baphomet’s temple. Below is an injured Marvelo, someone they take to be Thaphomet, some human priests a few hobgoblins. Zog immediately leaps over the balcony, with the rest quickly following. As Thaphomet rises and turns towards them, Ramahut is shocked to realize it is his brother Thane. Thaphomet is scorneful of Bane, stating that he is a weak God and Baphomet has shown him the true path to power. He is no longer Thane of Bane – he is now Thaphomet of Baphomet. He mocks Ramahut for still shilling for Bahamut and says that “Mother is very disappointed with you.”

… to be continued …

End Time: Sunday, 16th of Plantin, twilight

Ritual Scroll – Hand of Fate (175 gp)
Sanctified Incense (70 gp)
150 gp
200 sp
Power Jewel (Level 5)

XP Awards:
Hobgoblin Squad – 1052 XP
Demon Pen –1000 XP
Role-play bonus for fire and escape, garden plan – 500 XP

Total: 2552 XP
Per Player (5): 510 XP

Player Total: 2727 + 510 XP = 3237 XP

Storming Neverland Ranch

Sunday, 16th of Plantin

Ramahut, Greebal, (Inritus), (Vithys | Olin), Lincoln, Zog

The adventurers return to the gladiator holding-pen to rest and recover from their wounds. They notice that the number of gladiator teams has thinned noticeably. After a number of teams head out for their round in the arena, team Ektorday’s Bane are called upon to prove themselves once again.
As they come out into their positions in the arena and the portcullis gate closes behind them, they see several bedraggled prisoners pushed out of the door opposite, among them a strange purple-skinned being (Olin).
Ramahut strides into the arena and raises his arms as the crowd begins to chant his name ‘Ra-ma-but! Ra-ma-but!’ Not to be out done, Inritus gives the signature ‘Tiefling Salute’ and then proceeds to remove this bandana to gross out the crowd… a hush falls over the goblin section of the stands… then a thin goblin voice yells out ‘He has the Mark! He has the Mark of Amnon the Betrayer!’ Angry mutters and yells move through the crowd, growing to a roar as a two huge mobs of goblins and bugbears leap down from the stands and make a bee-line for Inritus, screaming for his blood.
The first swarms over Inritus pummeling him – he can be barely seen struggling against the crowd. Vithys dives in to save his friend, stabbing goblins left and right while Lincoln circles the swarm peppering them with arrows.
Zog, as always focused on the task at hand, ignores this commotion and heads for the gladiator opponents. He and Olin clash while the rest of the prisoners make a beeline for the door they were pushed out of.
Seeing their beloved Ramahut in danger, the human spectators come pouring from the stands and plow into the globin mobs.
Inritus falls prone and the last his compatriots see of him as a huge bugbear stomps on his head and slips on the resulting mess. Vithys lets out a cry and lashes out, before disappearing under the mob as well.
As the rioting spreads, our remaining adventurers realize that the situation is becoming dangerous and head for the prisoners’ entrance. While the rest attempt to break down the door, Zog leaps onto a stone column trap and vaults himself up to the second floor balcony – much to Marvelo’s surprise. Zog voices his fealty, but Marvelo will have none of it and orders the ‘whelp’ off of his balcony. Zog takes a mighty swing at Marvelo and manages to bloody him in a single blow. Marvelo is not without support however, and his personal bodyguards (including a fellow Balania) move to stop Zog as Marvelo tumbles away and escapes.
As Zog fights his foes alone, Ramahut attempts to repeat his feat – not the best idea in platemail. The stone column vaults Ramahut into the air, but all he achieves is a few bruises. Zog, sensing he may be getting himself a little over his head, leaps down to the arena floor
Caving in the prisoners’ door, the adventurers find themselves in a holding area with many caged prisoners and their goblin guards. A quick fight ensues and the prisoners are released. Olin recovers his confiscated equipment and also finds a magic cloak.
In the battle, Zog enters a rage and decides to go running into the corridor – just in time to catch Marvelo’s guard coming down to intercept them. With a little work, they dispatch this second group, though Olin has to chase one of the running guards down.

End Time: Sunday, 16th of Plantin, early evening

Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1 (Level 4)

XP Awards:
Goblin Mob – 400 XP
Mavelo’s Guards –775 XP
Prison Guards – 750 XP

Total: 1925 XP
Per Player (5): 385 XP

Player Total: 2342 + 385 XP = 2727 XP

Pharphan's Demise
In which Ramahut displays most un-paladin like behavior

Sunday, 16th of Plantin

Ramahut, Greebal, Inritus, Vithys, Lincoln, (Pharphan | Zog)

Pharphan’s Adventure (Earthday the 13th of Plantin)
As his companions leave, Pharphan heads off on a borrowed steed with Loremaster Torin for the Grey Tower, home of the Grey Brethren. He peppers Torin with questions regarding the places he’s been. He has heard of the flower Pharphan seeks, but is not sure if it can be found in the mundane world – he suggests trying the feywild.

The Grey Tower is a keep built into the side of a steep cliff where the Grey Brethren (primarily an order of Rangers) has kept guard over Zenog The Grey’s great library since the Breaking of Nerath (the last Human Empire). They let Torin and Pharphan into the library, but the librarian controls all book and scroll access. Torin must request something specific, wait for it to arrive, and be watched closely while he reads. Pharphan requests a to study a ritual, to his delight they let him study one.

On your return trip, Torin learns that Pharphan’s friends planned to head to Poortown. He advises that they are headed into extreme danger and gifts Pharphan the horse to speed him to their aid. Pharphan leaves the next morning at first light – this will have him arrive at Poortown the following morning.

… Torin does not suspect that he is sending Pharphan to his doom…

Back to our story…
Morning in Poortown finds the adventurers eating thin gruel prepared by the mistress of the Richtown Tavern. While discussing their next steps in getting into Marvelo’s palace, a disheveled and dirty Pharphan comes in to the tavern. Apparently the Poortown guards decided they wanted his loaned horse.

While enrolling in the Marvelo’s tournament seemed like a possibility, caution dictated that they do a little more digging to determine the nature of the tournament and the level of risk. Inritus and Vithys did some investigation and allayed Greebal’s concern that they may have to kill prisoners – a concern not shared by Ramahut.

After acquiring a few more items to make sure they were prepared for what could be a long day, the adventurers headed out and joined the crowds heading to the arena.
They signed up with a grizzled battle-scarred human and gave their party name as ‘Ektorday’s Bane’ and were assigned the color mauve for their arm-bands.

Upon entering the arena they found the crowd segregated between sections with Goblins and Humans. Marvelo gave a rousing speech declaring:

“Brothers! I have good news – brother Kavel reports that he and the Avatar have reached their goal and are beginning the final ritual that will bind the final savage races to our control and then we will have revenge on the murderers in Artemis!”

As he finishes, Thaphomet sacrifices a bull to Baphomet and the tournament is open!

Their first battle was with a group of Gnoll prisoners –which Greebal didn’t seem to mind killing. There also appear to be magical stone column traps that cause a 20 foot columns of stone to shoot out of the arena floor. Things get very dicey as both paladins are dropped and while they recover Pharphan is mauled by a gnoll and has his throat ripped open.

After dispatching the remaining gnolls, Ramahut, Inritus and Greebal all take their trophies from Pharphan’s corpse – “in honour of Pharphan.” To the crowd’s delight, Ramahut beheads Pharphan and throws his head to the crowd. Lincoln begins to worry about just what sort of people he’s got himself involved with…

Returning to the gladiator pen, they meet Zog, a mercenary dwarf from Tenora and a very injured Gennel (Elf). As Ramahut greets Zog, Gennel expires. Vithys take this opportunity to rifle his body and finds a 100g (jade) gem in a hidden pouch. Zog agrees to continue his trounament run by joining with Ektorday’s Bane.

After a short rest, the party re-enters the arena to find a single enemy – “Lurg the Brawler” waiting for them. The party proves to be too much for Lurg and while the crowd is initially on his side, by the time Lurg falls, they are all chanting “Ra-ma-but! Ra-ma-but!” Even Marvelo claps when Lurg is defeated.

Zog tries to on-up Ramahut and decapitates Lurg and holds is head high…

End Time: Sunday, 16th of Plantin, midday

XP Awards:
Gnolls Prisoners – 1600 XP
Lurg –1400 XP

Milestone reached add 1 action point.

Total: 3000 XP
Per Player (6):500 XP

Player Total: 1842 + 500 XP = 2342 XP

Journey to Poortown

Earthday, 13th of Plantin

Ramahut, Greebal, Inritus, Vithys, Lincoln

The grateful farmers of Butternut Farms prepare a suckling pig for the adventurers and they make their acquaintance of Lincoln. He tells them that he was tracking a trail of someone who attacked a sacred stone circle deep in the Riddell Forest and kidnapped the 12 attendant elven druids. The trail let across the Avenbeg River, into the Pelissor Forest but he lost the trail upon reaching the Ironscale hills. He was on his way to Giffin’s Watch Keep to see if his old acquaintance Loremaster Torin would know why someone would kidnap twelve druids.
The adventurers recommend to the farmers that they leave their farm and head to safer lands in the south.
After spending the evening, the adventurers set out on the road north toward Linvale. As they get close to the keep, they see that a palisade has been erected across the road north. A guard in the livery of the Warden of the Keep – Lord Gardain Roheada (the Baron’s heir) hails them and tells them that the road north has been closed by order of the Lord Warden. They may continue north if they wish, but it is no longer safe.
They introduce themselves at the keep and find it packed with refugees sleeping everywhere. A stable boy guides them to Loremaster Torin’s apartment. The Loremaster is happy to see Lincoln and invites them into his packed apartment, filled with books and alchemical beakers.
They learn the following:
• The 12 elven druids may have been kidnapped for an ancient ritual known as the ‘Avatar of the Horde’ that binds humanoid tribes to the avatar’s command.
• The ritual requires the 12 to be sacrificed at the next whole moon (two weeks from now) at an altar in the lost city of Yenol.
• Yenol is about two days east from Poortown at the foot of the mountains.
• The ritual was last used hundreds of years ago to raise a horde.
• Inritus asks about his affliction. Torin tells him that it is “The Curse of Amnon”. Amnon was the tiefling who long ago brought the tieflings out of slavery.

When asked, Torin gives out the following:
• Potion of Healing
• Potion of Resistance (Necrotic)
Vithys steals a small book.

Pharphan is drooling over all the great books and knowledge. Seeing his interest, Torin says that he is about to go visit the Grey Brethren to ask for access to the library – would Pharphan like to accompany him? Of course Pharphan agrees.

The adventurers head out northward into Linvale toward Poortown. They see many signs of devistation – destroyed fields and farms. In the evening, Lincoln goes hunting and brings back a board. More roast pork!
Not having set a watch, the first sign of trouble is when Ramahut wakes from one of his “night terrors” to a fist pummeling from an undead Tordek. Tordek focuses on Ramahut, demanding his tongue. They dispatch Tordek and Ramahut takes his trophies back. Inritus chooses to take Tordek’s eyeteeth.
As they get closer to Poortown, they see encampments of Goblinoids, Ogres and the occasional Humans, along the side of the road. No one seems to pay attention to them.
Poortown has a roughly constructed palisade built around it, and a mismash of buildings packed into the town. Vithys uses his streetsmarts to try and find an original inhabitant of poortown. They find one drunken man in a bar.
• He tells them the Wise-woman of Poortown (Luusi) was made a prisoner by Marvelo in his castle
• Marvelo’s castle (Neverrand) is stone building of crazily assembled towers attached to an arena
• Marvelo loves holding arena tournaments
Inritus and Vithys try to con their way into Neverland using their M armbands. As one of the guards goes to check on their request, the other plays a gambling dice game with them. Ramahut hangs back.
A large man in black armour wearing red feathered pants going by the name Thaphomet comes and is not fooled and tells them to get lost.
They find out that there is a trounament call for tomorrow and find a tavern (Richtown) to settle down for the night. It is the original Poortown tarven – the one Tobidoc worked in. There is only a common room with one bedraggled traveler sleeping there.

End Time: Starday, 15th of Plantin, evening.

XP Awards:
Tordek Mummy Lord (Level 4 Solo) – 875 XP
Getting into Poortown (RP award) – 875 XP

Total: 1750 XP
Per Player (5): 350 XP

Player Total: 1492 + 350 = 1842 XP

Massacre at Butternut Farms
Wherein Ramahut's Paladin Oaths are Questioned

Waterday, 12th of Plantin

Pharphan, Ramahut, Greebal, Inritus, Vithys

PCs get Tordek to finish fixing the wagon while they collect ‘trophies’ from the bodies (their heads).

They then head to the Pelissor forest and the Avonbeg river crossing to bring the caravan to Benn. Tordek runs behind on a leash.

By evening, they have reached the crossing. They hide the caravan deeper in the woods, and Ramahut keeps a lookout in case a patrol shows up. He does a poor job as Vithys gets close enough to push the tip of his blade against his side.

Inritus, Vithys, and Benn fill the others in on their activities.
• They freed a dozen more slaves
• Several of the slavers had gold medallions with a stylized man’s head on them.
• The entrance to the mine was guarded by Baron Lero Roheada’s guards.
• Many of the slaves were convicted felons sentence to the gallows. Instead of being hung, they were sold into slavery.
• The felons recommended contacting the head of the Red Knives, someone by the name ‘The Goat’.
• The slaves were excavating mine tunnels, not mining.
• There are probably 50 to 100 more slaves.

Natesa’s sibling Pat was not among the freed slaves. She decides to assist Benn back in the mines.

Tordek is left for the slaves to ‘have a word with them’.

The next day the PCs set off on foot for Poortown. Ramahut’s sweet talking convinces an Artemis patrol that they are simply harmless travelers.

After lunch they come across a looted caravan. Investigation finds a jewel encrusted dagger and a letter hidden in a false bottom of a chest. The letter is sealed with the mark ‘LM’. Inritus attempts to unseal it, but breaks the seal. The letter indicates the gift is for Marvelo and that ‘we are close to finding what we seek.’ There are drag marks heading into the woods, but the PCs choose it press on.

About 2 hours walk from Griffin’s Watch Keep, the PCs notice smoke rising off to the left. Inritus and Vithys head off to investigate. They come upon a group of goblins and two humans (in red feathered pants) besieging a farm. Several humans were tied up, the farm house was burning and they were attacking defenders in a barn. Inritus and Vithys decide there is no time to go back for the others and come up with a brazen plan.

They boldly walk up to the goblins and bluff them into deciding to trick the humans in the barn. The goblins will allow themselves to be tied up to pretend they’ve been defeated and lure the defenders out. Not being too bright, the goblins agree. They get pretty mad when the defenders are allowed to leave the barn and run off. At this point Inritus uses his Eldritch blast to signal the others and he and Vithys begin to ‘Coup-de-Grace’ the tied up Goblins. They immediately begin struggling against their bonds, and a human bandit manages to break free. The others arrive as he is running off and Greebal show’s Woof ‘fetch’ ability. While Greebal, Parphan, Inritus and Vithys deal with several escapees. Ramahut begins walking down the fence line, delivering final Justice to the slavers. He begins to get a little carried away with his work, so much so that the others being to worry that they won’t have anyone left to question. As they move to block Ramahut, he comes to his senses and on his last victim reverses his sword to knock the goblin unconscious instead. As the pommel descends toward the Goblin’s skull, he can’t contain himself and puts lethal force into the blow, cracking the creature’s skull (best ‘1’ ever rolled by the way).

Questioning the one remaining Goblin proves extremely easy. They discover the following information:
• The goblin was paid to raid and take slaves by some large man in red feathered pants and black armour.
• He is from the Skullcracker clan.
• His is not the only clan helping the slavers – there is a gathering of the clans around Poortown. And not just of Goblins.
• He has on occasion seen a pair of Minotaurs in Poortown.

Ramahut takes his trophy tongue and Greebal the left pinky. What’s with Paladins and trophies?

End Time: Earthday, 13th of Plantin, 4pm.

XP Awards:
Artemis Patrol – 125 XP
Farm Raid – 900 XP

Total: 1025 XP
Per Player (5): 205 XP

Player Total: 1287 + 205 = 1492

Out of the Mines

Note that there were two sessions before this with Rob of the West as DM, but not recorded. Basically everyone got into a bar brawl, was thrown into jail, escaped into the mines, killed some slavers.

Waterday, 12th of Plantin

Pharphan, Ramahut, Natesa, Greebal

Heroes wake up and Benn informs them that he wishes to assist the slaves in creating an uprising. Inritus and Vithys go with him. Heroes agree to raid a caravan for supplies.

On way out, Ochre Jelly encounter gives them trouble but they come through.

Slaver caravan attack is wildly successful. They kill Wil, Garrett, and Quinn. Tordek pleads for mercy. They question him on Slavers and find out that Marvelo is running the show from Poortown. Kavel is his right hand man and some type of religion person.

Heroes cut out Tordek’s tongue and his left pinkie (to match his right). They are going to give him to the slaves. They put him to work fixing the wagon.

End time: Waterday, 12th of Plantin, 2pm.

XP awards:
Ochre Jelly – 550 XP
Quest: Out of Mines – 400 XP
Skill Challenge: Slaver Caravan Ambush – 250 XP
Caravan Attack – 625 XP

Total: 1825 XP
Per player (4) – 455 XP

Player Total: 832 + 455 = 1287


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