Chronicle of the Fallen

The following is a chronicle of the characters that have spent an all-too-brief time in Poortown.

These ones are known to be dead. Because we saw them die. Or their spectre.

  • Jord – Blacksmith’s son. His advice to ‘run’ killed one party member. His failure to heal Trax doomed them all.
  • Trax – Last to fall to the Minotaur Toth-Amon’s blade.
  • Skathor – drowned a watery death.
  • Larphan – plunged to his death. Trax’s fault.
  • Quanger the Ranger – Scale a mountainside seeking a rare rose. Sucked up into a hoovervac
  • Tobidoc Fullbottle – Chef extrodinare. Halfling Monk devoted to enjoyment of life’s bounty. Tobacco salesman. Survived through absence. Succumed to disease in Artemis (possibly lung cancer).
  • Marvelo – The bastard son of an Elven prince, sired on a whore. A thief and a rogue. Quickly went insane. Later ruled Poortown and was killed by party.
  • Pharphan – Mage. Discovered too late that Ramahut didn’t like to be in the line of fire.
  • Inritus Astrus – Tiefling with facial sores. Torn to shreds by an angry goblin mob.
  • Vithys – Tiefling urchin. Dies at the side of his friend Inritus.
  • Zog – Balanian Mercenary. Led his people to the promised land. Died a pathetic watery death.
  • Olin – Squished by a Blue Dragon.
  • Glimnig – Inter-dimensional Gnome. A trickster and a child at heart. Choked on Yellow Mold.
  • Shrian – Magician in a tree. Choked on Yellow Mold. Blamed Rho with his dying breath.
  • Belkas “The Black” Smythe. Survived hundreds of years in a bottle only to foolishly attack a vampire.

The following characters have passed from view; their fate is unknown at this time.

  • Natesa – Freed slave from the mines. Stayed with Benn to lead (failed) slave revolt.
  • Greebal – Freed slave from the mines. Is he dead?
  • Lincoln – Elven Warrior.
  • Ellis – Mysterious elf. There one minute, gone the next.
  • Eglath – The Gentle Giant. Loves nature. Keeper of an infant Entling. Survives as a Warden of Artemis.
  • Godefreyd – Dimwit thief.
  • Zubair – Wizard from a mysterious land.
  • Klodoc – A perpendicular cow.

Chronicle of the Fallen

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