House Rules

The Labyrinth Lord basic rules are used in all cases, unless otherwise mentioned below.

Ability Scores in Order, Swap 2(pg 6)

All character abilities are rolled in the order they appear on the character sheet. Then switch any 2 (mandatory).

Re-roll Hit Points (pg 7)

When hit points are gained each level, reroll all character hit points using the new HD total. If the new total is less than the older, keep the old hit points. Likewise, if a level is ever lost, roll the new hit point total, keeping the lower of the two totals.

For example, Poopydoc Foulpantz is a 4th level fighter with 25 hp (based on 4d8). When he advances to 5th level, he rolls 5d8, and takes the higher HP total for his new HP base.

Cultin the Green (ʻThe Funniest Thief Youʼve Ever Seenʼ) loses a level due to a curse, dropping from level 6 to level 5. His hit point total was 21 (rolled on 6d6). He now rolls 5d6, and gets a total of 17. This is his new HP total.

No Thieves, AD&D classes at discretion (pg 8)

The following classes will not be permitted:

  • Thieves

Classes from the ʻAdvanced Edition Companionʼ will be permitted at the DMs discretion only.

Character inheritance (pg 14)

Character inheritance will not be used.

Combat Movement (pg 53)

If a figure is engaged in melee combat (in a 5ʼ square adjacent to an enemy figure), they may not move except with the use of a retreat or full retreat option.

Shields Will Shatter

After damage is rolled for any hit (but before any effects are implemented, including death), the target may sacrifice his/her shield to roll a Death save. If successful, the damage is negated. In either case, the shield is shattered, and may not be repaired.

Any excess hoarding of shields to abuse this rule will be penalized by the DM!

Performing tasks

It assumed that characters are skilled at all tasks that pertain to their base class. In order to perform a task, a d6 is rolled. A roll of 2 or less succeeds (adjusted by the DM based on circumstances).


A wizard may opt to putter around with potions. This option costs 2d6 x 500gp in laboratory expenses, paid at the time a new level is gained. The decision to take this option must be made before the dice for cost are thrown and if the magic-user cannot afford the cost what money they have is forfeit and nothing gained by their efforts. If the cash is available, the player must roll lower than their characterʼs Intelligence or less on a d20 to gain knowledge of a random potion formula. Potions are created at a rate of money and time set by the Labyrinth Lord, but typically around 500gp and 2 weeks. Elves may not select the alchemist option.


Spell-casters enjoy the capability to produce minor magical effects related to the spells they have currently memorized. For example, a magic user who has fireball memorized might be able to light his pipe with a small flame from his thumb, or make smoke come from his ears when annoyed. A sorceress with gust of wind memorized might have her hair constantly blowing in an otherwise non-existent breeze. Using a special effect does not cast or use up the spell it is related to; they’re not so much “spells” as they are tangible evidence that the magic user has a spell memorized. I will not codify these effects, but rather rely on the players to suggest or request an effect, which I then
approve or deny. While I do not have a hard-and-fast rule against special effects that have a mechanical game effect, special effects are always minor, cantrip-like effects.

Rolling New Characters

If a new character is introduced to the game, they join the game at level 1, and are rolled normally.

Standard Optional Rules

The following optional rules will be used:

  • Item Saving Throws (Method 2)
  • Morale Checks

Death and Dying

The ʻDeath Chartʼ will be used for all times that a character reaches 0hp (or lower):

2d6 Result
2 Instant death
3 Fatal Wound – Die in 1d20 turns
– A wish can heal the wound
– Knocked out until death unless a Save vs. Death is made
4-5 Severed Limb – Roll for location
- If ʻheadʼ and no armour, as ʻ2 – Instant Deathʼ
- If ʻbodyʼ and no armour, as ʻ3 – Fatal Woundʼ
- Die in 1d6 rounds
- Magical healing gives no HP, but allows save vs. Death with bonus = spell level
- Tourniquet or cauterization allows save vs. Death
- Success on save = 3d4 weeks of healing
- Knocked out until death unless a save vs. Death is made
6-7 Broken Bone – Roll for location
– 3d4 weeks to heal
– Knocked out for 1d20 rounds unless a save vs. Death is made. If save is failed and no head armour, coma until healed
8-9 Knocked Out – Knocked out for 1d12 rounds
10-11 Stunned – Stunned for 1d4 rounds
12 ʻNow Iʼm Mad!ʼ – Adrenaline surge of 1d4hp/HD
– These HP disappear after combat (min 1hp), faint for 2d6 rounds

Locations (1d6):
1 – Right arm
2 – Left arm
3 – Right leg
4 – Left leg
5 – Body
6 – Head

House Rules

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