5 years of Poortown

5 years of Poortown

A week “passed” while the below occured.

Zubair, and old aquaintance of the group, visited and asked about the cube. Little information was offered, aside from some of your more recent adventures. He was invited to stay and visited with Tiny Tina whilst the group was Orcing.

A large group of orcs were spotted by a patrol. They were trying to reach the castle to obtain recompense for the destruction of their village by zombies. They were lured in then butchered like pigs by both the party and castle mercenaries, although they eliminated 9 of the remaining 15 mercenaries.

You met 4 applicants for the Castellan position: Jeb of the BDK infantry, Godefreyd (Brother of Belkas), Flog (of New new Balania), and Parl (former majordomo for Bluegrass Manor, south of Artemis). As it turns out you chose to split the Castellan position 3 ways:

  • Parl as the Castellan, responsible for the Keep and the affairs of her Lords. Tiny Tina will return to her position as president of the University.
  • Flog as Captain of the Guard, responsible for the defense of the Keep, Zogton, and New new Balania.
  • Jeb as Reeve of Zogton, to encourage the development of the town and environs.
    Godefreyd was not accepted for any position, and was sent packing. He left muttering something about burying his brother without your ungrateful help.

The Mayor of New New Balania presented himself: Onald. Is concerned about NNB being protected and pay taxes for absentee landlords. Has invited the Lords to a swearing-in ceremony in one weeks time in NNB.

Rho’s Raven returned from Alexandria. Research indicated that the dirt of Molygon could be used to revive a corpse or perhaps two, or for minor healing / regeneration.

Treasure and XP acquired last session

20 orcs were mercilessly slaughtered for 2000 xp. 400 xp per participant + bonus%.
3600 gp worth of gems and jewelry were found on the orcs.
That’s 720xp per person from the gold (+ bonus%)
at 10% each, the keep, the university and the temple each get 360gp.
splitting the rest, you each get 420gp (Markus too).

Bookkeeping and Keepkeeping…
the keep: 16837 the temple: 28696 the university: 11398


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