Benn wolfs out, return to the black tower

Date beginning of session: week 20, 3rd day (spring)

Upon exiting Kresnaks’, the Full moon caused Benn to transform into a werewolf. As he transformed, Rho and Ramahut took turns trying to knock him out with the butt of Gonorrhea (oh how I hated typing that). Eventually successful, they tied him up. An hour was spent discussing how to deal with him, with the werewolf repeatedly waking up, straining against the ropes and being knocked out again. He eventually woke up enough to get out a summoning howl, upon which at least 2 beasts (Wolves? Werewolves? Something else?) bore down upon the party and forced their hand. They tossed WereBenn and his gear in a deserted room in Kresnak’s keep (level 0) and fled from the pursuers.

Returning to the BDK, they began inquiring as to how to remove the curses. Coincidentally, two letters arrived. One, for Arthen, led him to excuse himself from further adventuring. The second was from the Venerable Zegen of the Artemis church of Bahamut. He had offered to research the curse. He wrote:

  • He presumes all the curses end if Ariana’s life leaves her body.
  • According to texts, if Ariana falls in love and is wed to one who truly loves her, all curses will be lifted, and she becomes fully human.
  • His divine vision showed him that there is a book that exists that details the sigils, their general meanings, and how they can be removed. It can be found in a ruined black tower near a swamp, near a tree with roots encrusted with gems or crystals.
  • He has heard rumours of a Cyril the Curse-Eater, who claims to be able to remove any curse. He supposedly extracts a heavy toll.

After resting overnight, the party chose to return to the Tower of the Black dragon to see if they could find the book. The lower levels apparently had been infested with Kobolds at some prior point, who left a few traps. At one point, Pi scaled the outside of the tower, tied off a rope, and they descended down the tower.

They found 3 books, one being the books of sigils, some treasure, and fought some beasties. By level, a quick summary:
1: rats – scared away by fire.
2: arrow trap, spitting cobra.
3: door with poison needle (caught Pi), 2 potions of healing and 1 of animal control, and a Brain in a jar (Ubnex the Usurper of Golden lotus land). He negotiated the party to return him to GLL. Evil, but very polite.
4: door sealed by magic, ransacked library with hidden panel, containing: 275gp worth of gems, a statuette of “Prince Eric” carved from Amber, and 50gp.
5: 2 doors, both leading to portions of the same large room (a labouratory). Both entrances are guarded by Yellowish glass-like Tigers/Panther type automatons. “Speak the password or present the Talisman to enter.”
6: former lair of the black dragon. Several (3) giant spiders have taken residence at the high point of the roof. They did not interact with the party.

Date after session: week 20, 5th day (spring)

Treasure and XP acquired

5 ½ portions of xp: Calania(½) & Orleander, Markus, Ramahut, Rho, Pi. Those in bold are treasure collectants.

13 rats chased away with fire: 1300 xp x 25% = 325xp. 1 spitting cobra killed: 100xp. 20 xp for traps and to make the numbers nicer.

50gp, 275gp worth of gems, a statuette of “Prince Eric” carved from Amber, 2 potions of healing, 1 potion of animal control and 3 books were recovered. Total value: 325gp.

XP total: 770. 140 xp full portion. 147 @5%, 154 @10%.

Treasure. 10% towards keep, temple, and university, leaves equivalent of 45 gp per collectant.

next accounting / taxing / tithing: week 24.


Harbinger feyrath

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