Dirt is delivered, Ariana curses the party

Date before: week 19 (spring)

The temple’s “deadline” is end of week 46 for completion.

Calania and her bodyguard joined us. Calania is a full party member (for now), and pays her bodyguard as a retainer out of her own pocket.

The party travelled through the crystals and by Train back to Artemis. They met with Paraden, the Patriarch of the church of Bahamut (in Artemis), and his aide Dadamut. He revived his daughter, Ariana with the dirt who turned out to be a half-succubus. She cursed him and everyone in the vicinity. With Rho’s quick thinking, she prevented the curse from being fully effective, but Arthen, Benn, Calania, and Rho still got cursed. They all received a temporary 2hp damage, and everyone has a brand upon their arm that grows with intensity by the hour. It was found that remove curse temporarily removes the affliction for about 12 hours, but not permanently.

Ramahut and Pi met with Zegen to receive their boon of a limb regeneration. After a series of questions which had Ramahut sweating bullets, they received their limbs back. Zegen implied that Ramahut’s limb was tied to his completion of a task. Presumably his temple.
Zegen also communed on the types of curses that were recieved but got no guidance. If he learns anything he will send word.

Benn petitioned Dadamut for the renunciation of claim by the church upon the Blight. Dadamut had to confer with Paraden, but promised to send it once he had recovered his wits.
The party returned to the keep and then immediately headed to Kresnak’s – looking to kick some doors in and take a few names. They encountered 4 black widow spiders and survived only to through the ingenious use of a polymorph wand and a very large cure-all berry.

Travel, and adventuring, occupied 5 days of the week, making this the 6th day of the 19th week.

Date now: week 19, 6th day (spring)

Treasure and XP acquired last session

“8” portions of xp: Arthen, Benn, Calania, Markus, Pi, Ramahut, Rho, Bodyguard (½) and Quartz (½).
4 giant blackwidow spiders, 300 xp apiece, 1200 xp total.
400 gp golden lectern adornment acquired by Benn and Markus.
1600 xp / 8 = 200 xp per person (full share). Add in your xp bonus age.
The Keep / Temple / University each receive 10
, or 40gp apiece. The remains, divided 7 ways, are also 40gp worth.

Pregame business…

Markus acquired plate armour in Artemis.
Accounting (collections of taxes, payment of salary, collections of tithes) occurs end of week 20.
Calendar of Poortown: months are informal affairs, with weeks and seasons being the focus. Weeks 1-13 are Winter, 14-26 are Spring, 27-39 are Summer, and 40-52 are fall. This is a lunar cycle, with the new moon always occuring the first day of every fourth week (weeks 2, 6, 10), and of course the full moon occuring 2 weeks later (weeks 4, 8, 12, …).


Flog (Captain of the Guard) – (100gp/mo) – responsible for the defense of the Keep, Zogton, and New new Balania: I have recruited 27 more light infantry for the defense of the keep, bringing our total to 36 and will be returning to Artemis for hopefully 6 Medium mounted. 12 of them I will be posting immediately to NNB, and 2 of the Medium mounted, bringing our monthly cost for troops to (36×3 + 6×15)=198gp. Considering the pasting 20 orcs gave us I consider it imperitive we garrison this castle well. I’d will be doubling the amount we spend on defenses. I think some bowmen and dwarven heavy infantry would be useful.

Tiny Tina (Delta of the University) – (0gp/mo). We have collected 11438 in funds towards construction of a permanent small university in the courtyard, and continued operations. I have suggested the establishment of two schools to the Reeve. One for children, and one for adults wishing to learn reading, writing, reasoning, as is the Alexadrian way. Both have already been underway informally and we have small classes. They will be held at the University and the Reeve will help cover costs. Fern will teach them both and collect a small stipend as pay (5gp/month). Our guest lecturing continues although the previous two were poorly attended due to my stint as Castellan requiring my full attention.

Jeb (Reeve of Zogton) – (40gp / month) – encourage the development of the town and environs: Population: 68 families. Tina has suggested the immediate establishment of two schools. I will be giving them 10gp/month for supplies and teachers. I also want to immediately begin construction on a partially covered warehouse to contain rebuilding supplies and act as a marketplace when reconstruction tapers off. I estimate this to cost 200gp. I would also like to put out a call for settlers in the region (pending approval from the Lords) to grow our population base.

Parl (Castellan) – (100gp / month) – responsible for the Keep and the affairs of the Lords or the BDK. The keep is in bad disrepair from the zombies and assorted events, and will need about 450gp worth of repairs to the battlements. I also want to begin excavation of a “vault” to store the valuables. We have 16877 gp in funds.

Ramahut’s Temple: 28736 in funds towards 100,000 required. Must be completed by end of week 46.
Dr. Almy Toothache has attracted 5 immediate converts, at a cost of 151gp to the church (not yet deducted).
Followers: 25, including the recent converts due to the dentist.


Harbinger feyrath

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