Return to Kresnaks, Jangle Ebenfuss appears

Date prior to session: week 19, 6th day (spring)

A fast talking entrepeneur Halfling Jangle Ebenfuss requested and gained permission to set up a Tavern/Pub/Inn in Zogton serving Goblin Piss Ale. He will pay 30gp/month and supply 5 gallons of wine

The party returned to Kresnak’s for another whack at the dungeon. Met a slew of beasties but nothing of intelligence.

Arthen was struck with intense fear when near the river, presumably due to the curse. Calania seems to be burned by the touch of metal. Rho is surpressing her curse through the use of divine magic.

Upon exiting Kresnaks’, the Full moon cause Benn to transform into a werewolf.

Date at end of session: week 20, 3rd day (spring)

“6” portions of xp: Arthen & Quartz (½), Benn, Calania(½) & Orleander, Ramahut, Rho. Those in bold are treasure collectants.
2 fire beetles were avoided: (200 xp x 25% = 50xp). 4 subterranean locusts: (800xp). 14 Krah (cave crows) defeated: (1400 xp). 15 rats defeated (1500 xp): Total (w/GP): 4085. Full portion: 680xp. @5% = 714xp. @10% = 748.
5 gems were found for a total of 335gp. 10% to Keep/Temple/Univ, and split 5 ways gives 47 gp per collector.

Flog (Captain of the Guard) – (100gp/mo) – responsible for the defense of the Keep, Zogton, and New new Balania: our forces are weak at 36 light infantry and 12 medium mounted. I am in the process of bringing in more troops. Some are already deployed at New New Balania. I will continue to strengthen the garrison.

Tiny Tina (Delta of the University) – (0gp/mo). We have 11471 in funds. Ground has been broken on the university building.

Jeb (Reeve of Zogton) – (40gp / month) – encourage the development of the town and environs: Population: 70 families. 2 families have recently immigrated from the grendale region.

Parl (Castellan) – (100gp / month) – responsible for the Keep and the affairs of the Lords or the BDK: I am beginning construction of a vault to store the valuables. We have 16043 gp in funds. I am also going to ask Flog to recruit a small group (5 to 10 initially) specifically to guard it and the lords.

Jangle (Barkeep) – (0gp / month) – owner of the local Tavern: the people need something exciting to stimulate them. How about a gladiator arena (small to start, of course)?

Ramahut’s Temple: 28868 in funds towards 100,000 required. Must be completed by end of week 46.

New New Balania: mayor Onald. Polulation: 32 families. Has invited Lords to a swearing-in ceremony.


Harbinger feyrath

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