The kidnapping of Tina, Zubair reveals his intentions, Tentacles!

Date prior to session: week 20, 5th day (spring) mid-day

Upon return from the black tower, Parl ran to inform the Lords that Tiny Tina was missing, and a sealed letter was found in her office:

Dear Ramahut, Benn and other ‘Lords’ of the Blue Dragon Keep,

I know you possess the Beacon of the old ones. The corpse of Zhi was very forthcoming with information. Your ‘turtle shell’ was quite ingenious. But I have been unable to locate it in the Castle so I can only presume you have hidden it.

I have taken from you a minor functionary whom I hope will motivate you. The young lass named Tiny Tina is in my custody. She is unharmed and will remain so. I had hoped that simple direct queries would result in some honest discussion. Apparently this is not the case.

Upon your return from your latest sojourn, you have 2 hours to retrieve the cube. My representative Ellis will meet you in the courtyard at that time. Your military may not be present. Only yourselves. We are monitoring you do not feel as if you can trick or defeat me. This is a simple exchange. The cube for Tiny Tina’s life.

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the death of Tina as well as irreparable harm to both you and your little fiefdom. Consider your actions well.


Discussion on how to deal with the situation ensued. Calania noticed a large raven paying particular attention the party. Pi snuck up on it (a 01!) and stabbed it with her dagger. Unfortunately the dagger, although she hit it square and well, did not penetrate. The Raven flew to the other side of the courtyard and continued to observe.

Markus and Kevin retrieved the “trapping” mirror and set it up in an alcove with a fake cube carved from wood.

Ellis and gang arrived. Rho & Pi demanded to see Tina. She emerged from a curtain of invisibility in the courtyard, and was too cheerful and obviously ensorcelled. They convinced Ellis and two of his henchmen to come retrieve the cube.

The trap was sprung. One of the henchmen was trapped, Ellis and the other escaped. Ellis was knocked out with sleeping moss and the henchman killed. Ellis was dumped in the courtyard and it was announced that the “cube was lost”.

Zubair revealed himself floating on his carpet above the courtyard. He pulled out what appeared to be a spherical version of the beacon of the old ones and activated it. Speeding off to the North (towards Breadfruit elfland, as it turns out), and bringing his henchmen with him, he left the party to deal with the Tentacles from Above.

While Markus and Keven and Pi fought it off, and Calania trying to trap it in the Mirror (which failed for some unknown reason), Rho travelled through the crystal portal to elfland, trying to see Jenar and retrieve the cube. After a few rounds of negotiating with the elves, she saw him, retrieved the cube, and returned to the castle with it.

With some discussion, Markus, who has always wanted to be a Paladin, volunteered to take the cube out of our ‘realm’ by going into the Mirror with it. He did so. While everyone else contemplated this act of bravery, Zubair appeared in the north, descending again upon the castle.

Date after session: week 20, 5th day (spring) early evening

the “Tentacles from Above” was defeated. XP will calculated w/May 17th session.


Harbinger feyrath

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