Zubair and Imp die, Mirror explodes

Date at beginning of session: week 20, 5th day (spring) early evening

  • Markus stepped into the Mirror and disappeared. Only a few moments later, the mirror literally exploded, scattering a menagerie of monsters and people around the keep courtyard. Many of them immediately sprang to attacking each other, and many escaped. A gateway between the two worlds remained. Markus himself returned sans the cubical Beacon, but with a dog and some other items.
  • Zubair and his imp returned to attack/retrieve the cube. (can’t remember exactly what happened, but eventually:) Both were polymorphed into blue and red stones which were smashed. The gate way collapsed and it is believed the cube has been destroyed in the ‘mirror realm’. The spherical ‘beacon of the old ones’ survived , but not Zubairs’ staff or bowl where destroyed when he was ‘crushed’ as a rock.
  • Most of Zubair’s henchmen fled (incl. Ellis). 3 stayed, and were killed by either monsters or the party. The final one had his throat slit by the ‘Kosher Butcher’ immediately after being killed by a Wraith that had been ‘disbelieved’ out of existence.
  • Most of the other Mirror denziens (rats, giant rats, giant spiders, a ghoul, other humanoids, a giant toad) either fought each other or fled. The toad headed off toward the Jenar River.
  • Thunderstorms have repeatedly descended from the Mountains in the NorthWest upon the Keep and Blight – at least once a day. Perhaps it’s common for this time of year.
  • Fundo draconian came through the portal and asked for a status report on the progress. After not finding anyone from the original party, he has gone into town (New New Balania) to see if he can locate Ramahut. He wants the party to either meet their original obligation – remove the blight and maintain peace in the blight – so he can complete his railroad – or to return the black crystals.
  • 6th day was spent recuperating, Rho and Pi made a brief foray into Shiran’s lab.

Date after session: week 20, 7th day (spring)

Treasure: A spherical ‘beacon of the old ones’, and 4500 in assorted gemstones. From the Halfling: 10gp, and a flying broom.

XP for: zubair, imp, wraith, tentacles from above, halfling, cleric, fighter: 3300. 4510 from treasure. Total: 7810 xp. Exact xp (easier this way):

  • Calania: 1030
  • Kevin/Orleander 1203 (out for second fight)
  • Markus: 2945 (includes roleplay bonus)
  • Rho: 2140
  • Pi: 2042

KEEP: 16079 TEMPLE: 28900 UNIVERSITY: 11503

Ramahut’s Temple: 100,000 required. Must be completed by end of week 46.

New New Balania: mayor Onald. Polulation: 32 families. Has invited Lords to a swearing-in ceremony.


Harbinger feyrath

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